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Hen Chinook caught out of Hood River Oregon in the fall

Hood River Oregon - Beautiful place and excellent access to the Columbia River by boat

Update - 3/17/2011  

  Hello everybody!  It's spring again and that means salmon.  I went out yesterday and got three and I will go everyday for salmon starting in a few days.

  The Columbia closes on April 4th, but the Willamette is open the entire year.  Also the Willamette is going to have a very strong run this year.  I did have a cancellation for March 25th on the Columbia and I have a few days still open on the Willamette in April.

  The Sandy river winter steelie season for me is over, but the summer steelie and spring chinook season starts in May.  I will do a lot of salmon trips in May and early June on the Sandy and I still have a few days open.

  Keeper sturgeon season is also going strong, but unfortunately I do not have any days open for this until October.  Oversize sturgeon begins in mid May and lasts through mid June.  If you have ever wanted to catch a 500pnd fish this is the time to go.

  As always I thank you for your business and if you have any further questions please feel free to give me a call at 503-750-3319.  Thanks, Dave

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