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  We'd like to have your "fishing related" information and quality ads placed on our website for our site visitors...

  * We prefer to "Barter Trade" rather than take monetary payments for any ads placed on our website.  If you prefer, we will accept money payments but we feel a barter trade can benefit both of us.

  Here's why... 

  By offering one or more of your products to us in trade for advertising, you can benefit in several ways.

  1.  Your Wholesale cost which, on a standard markup is about half of the retail value of the items you can offer to trade to us for a higher advertising dollar comparison.

  2.  You can benefit on your taxes by taking the full retail value for an advertising expense of your barter traded items.

  3.  You are showing your product to actual users (Anglers Northwest) for their "hands on" experience of your products.  We in turn will be able to write true evaluations in product reviews within our site and our newsletters to our subscribers.  Word of mouth goes a long way between fellow fishermen and women.

  4.  If we already use or have the items you offer to trade, we can offer them as gifts or incentives on our site to our site members and visitors for their use and "hands on" evaluations.  It's a great way to advertise your products and get unlimited first hand knowledge of your products while also getting them into the hands of people who will use your products.

  It's a great way to get people acquainted with your products and services.



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